How to Help

YES FOR PEACE will cultivate the BAYANIHAN spirit inherent in Filipinos. Each peace loving Filipino who will participate and commit themselves to the pursuit of peace in the country may refer oneself as a KABAYANI para sa KAPAYAPAAN.
There are several ways to how a KABAYANI para sa KAPAYAPAAN may help.

On-line Campaign

All KABAYANI para sa KAPAYAPAAN are encouraged to urge their online friends and relatives to likewise visit and to:

  1. Vote in the Open Referendum;
  2. Take Oath (Panunumpa ng mga KABAYANI para sa KAPAYAPAAN) as an indvidual; and
  3. Volunteer to be a Coordinator — Regional, Provincial, City and Municipal

Ink and Paper Campaign

Questionnaires, Homeroom Tabulation forms and School Summary forms shall be needed for the ink and paper component to be conducted in private and public elementary and high schools.

Coordinators shall identify sponsors / donors.
The estimated number of campaign forms for the use of students and pupils and their relatives, friends, neighbors and community – 10 years and older.

  • No. of YES FOR PEACE 2011 questionnaires needed = Enrollment (Grade IV to 4th Year) x three (3)
  • No. of YES FOR PEACE 2011 Homeroom Tabulation forms needed = No. of Homerooms x seven (7)
  • No. of YES FOR PEACE 2011 School Summary forms needed = No. of Schools x seven (7)

There are spaces in the back of YES FOR PEACE 2011 Questionnaires, Homeroom Tabulation forms and School Tabulation forms for messages of coordinators and/or sponsors.
Campaign materials shall be directly to public and private elementary and high school chosen / pinpointed by the Donor.
To avoid duplication, please click “Gusto Kong Mag-Donate” button below.”

Who May Donate?

Any peace loving organization or individual may donate.

Donation Policies

Donations in kind shall be preferred.
Cash Donations shall be discouraged.

Click HERE for Master Copy of campaign forms.

Stickers and Posters

Sponsors / donors may also provide and post as many YES FOR PEACE 2011 stickers, posters and similar campaign materials in allowed vehicles (tricycles, jeepneys, buses, cars, books, notebooks, etc) and public as well as private places (schools, stores, residences, public markets, etc.) as they may deem needed to maximize public awareness on the campaign.

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